Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coming Together

So my version of the HOG layout is finally coming together. I decided to use 54" shelving units for my layout support since they'd be sturdy and would create ready-made storage space under the layout. These shelving units are normally found at Target, but we have a store here in town that gets damaged lots from Target and sells them at a greatly reduced price: Hudson's Dirt Cheap. We'd found one of these units a few months back, but it took us several more weeks of scrounging the local Dirt Cheap stores to find the next two. But at $15 apiece, it was worth the wait!

With the supports purchased, it was time to put the layout together. I was extremely pleased with the way my workbench fits underneath. I added a couple of photos to show how the layout height appears to me (6'1") and to my wife (5'4"). All in all, the layout height couldn't have been better. Now it's time to paint that benchwork to keep it from swelling (currently in process) and then it'll be time to rough in some scenery! More photos of my progress can be found here.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eritrea's Railways

Wanna know where you can see narrow gauge articulated steam locomotives in action in 2008? Check out the Eritrean Railway (1 hour video):