Friday, August 29, 2008

Funny what you find just driving around...

My wife and I have a habit of going out for drives on Saturday afternoons. With gas at nearly $4/gallon, this form of entertainment has certainly gotten more expensive, but not prohibitively so just yet (for us, at least). A few weeks back, we went for one of our drives and decided to trace the old M&O from West Point, MS to Mayhew, MS (about 10 miles), just to see what we'd run across. On our way out of Mayhew, we spotted this structure sitting next to a house:Upon closer inspection, this looks to be the old M&O Mayhew depot!! We turned around and snapped a few more pics. Enjoy!!
It looks like someone may be living here. Either way, you gotta love the box fan in the window!! Happy railroading!